Weight Management should be a team task.

Obesity is a modern disease, which we believe must be tackled with a modern approach. It’s important your lifestyle now supports the major changes which occur after bariatric surgery. This gives you a better chance at staying happy and healthy long term.

Our approach is to integrate surgical care with various allied health professionals who specialise in bariatric patient nutrition, psychology and more. This comprehensive approach can help strengthen your chances of durable weight loss.

Effective weight management is all about balance. Rather than focusing on a “quick fix,” we examine your health and lifestyle long term.

Maintaining a healthy weight is enhanced with a better diet, more activity, a positive mindset and good habits. Having a toolbox of skills to help control your weight gives you every opportunity to succeed.

managing weight loss

It’s about working together to support your unique needs both before and after your procedure. 

We recommend specialist support for:

nutrition help


A dietitian will closely monitor your nutritional status. There are unique physiological changes which occur in your body following your procedure which require professional dietary advice. In addition, a dietitian looks at your long-term goals, working with you to formulate a healthy diet which fits in with your lifestyle.

psychology for weight loss surgery


A healthy mindset is important for durable weight loss.  A clinical psychologist can address issues such as body image, emotions, self-esteem, motivation, confidence and social triggers. This helps you to deal with the changes occurring in your body and life, after surgery.


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