The Role of A Dietitian in Your Weight Loss Journey

Many people who embark on weight loss surgery have come into contact with at least one dietitian in the past and let’s face it, we aren’t on the top of anyone’s Christmas card list! So when your weight loss surgeon suggests you see yet another dietitian, you shudder at the thought! But hear me out. We play a valuable role in your weight loss journey both before and after your surgery, and I’ll show you why.

Guest Post By Kate Stoker, Principal Dietitian at Simply Nutrition Dietitians.

How much food will I be able to eat after surgery? Is there anything else I can eat whilst doing the dreaded pre-op diet? How long should I drink fluids for after surgery? What multivitamins should I take after surgery? How do I keep the weight off after I have lost it? These are the types of questions we’re asked every day…and many more! Our goal is to support you through the process, help you to achieve your weight loss goals, keep the weight off and to most importantly to keep you feeling well!

What to Expect

To help ease the anxiety often felt when you make an appointment to see us, here is what to expect from your appointments:


  • Complete a thorough diet history of what you currently eat, triggers for poor eating habits, pace of eating;
  • Outline how to expect eating and drinking to change for you after the surgery;
  • Explain any abnormalities in your nutritional screen via your blood test;
  • Explain how to follow the pre-op diet, what you can and cannot eat;
  • Translate complex information about the surgery in to easy to understand language;
  • Assess any current vitamin/mineral supplements you take and provide recommendations on a supplement regime for after your surgery;
  • Explain the amounts you can expect to tolerate after the surgery and what fluids you can and cannot have.


  • Guide you through the different stages of the diet immediately after your surgery providing detailed lists of foods to eat and foods to avoid;
  • Teach you about what foods contain protein and develop an individual plan to assist you in achieving this;
  • Help you to address the reasons that may be been contributing to your weight before the surgery. This is essential in helping you to keep the weight off;
  • Remind you to take your supplements and to monitor nutrition via your blood tests.

As you can see from above, our main role is to support YOU! We are not here to tell you that you’ve done the wrong thing or how badly you’ve eaten in the past. We want you to find the best way of eating to suit you and your life as well as achieving good nutrition to keep you feeling well.

Want to Know More About Weight Loss Surgery Nutrition?

Understand the importance of good nutrition before and after surgery, and find out about our recommendations to fit your dietary needs.

About Kate Stoker

About Kate Stoker


Kate is an Accredited Practising Dietitian at Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast and Principal of Simply Nutrition Dietitians. She has a strong passion for promoting ‘eating for health’. Her special areas of interest include weight loss dietetics, as well as nutritional advice for diabetic clients. Kate strives to ensure clients maintain the things that are important to them, whilst working towards optimal health.