Bariatric surgery is a significant and life changing decision. Like most people considering surgery, you probably have many questions about it. These might range from whether you even qualify surgery, to the hospital process, and right through to what life will be like after surgery.

This is understandable. With major decisions you need information – knowledge is power. We aim to answer many of your most common questions about surgery on our website below.

However, nothing beats getting answers in person. If you have questions which you don’t see here, or you want to know your individual suitability and potential outcomes of weight loss surgery, the best thing to do is give us a call. The first step is to make a time with a surgeon of your choice. We are happy to discuss your unique situation – with absolutely no obligation.

About Obesity

Find out the stats and risks behind the obesity epidemic.

Am I a Candidate for Surgery?

Do you qualify? See the general guidelines. Try our easy BMI calculator.

Surgery process FAQ

How much does surgery cost? How do I prepare for it? What is the process? We answer these questions and more.

weight management support

What support will I need after surgery?

Find out how important lifestyle changes are to your success and how integrated care can improve your outcomes.

what will i eat

What will I eat after surgery?

Find out how your diet will change and why a dietitian is so important.

will i need to exercise

Will I need to exercise?

Understand how crucial exercise is to your success.

What about mindset training?

Find out how the support of a psychologist before and after surgery can help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

How much weight will I lose?

Find out how much weight you may expect to lose with gastric sleeve surgery.

A Comprehensive Plan for Your Lifelong Health

Surgery is not a quick-fix, it’s a lifelong commitment, and having the right support will help you achieve your goals. Incorporating a plan which takes into account all facets of your lifestyle is the best way to approach post-surgery care. If you are curious to know what this might look like for you, or you have further questions, why not make a time to chat to a surgeon?

Contact a surgeon near you.