What is gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a popular option for weight loss surgery, and a procedure which our surgeons perform regularly. The gastric sleeve involves removing more than 3/4 of the stomach. Over the last decade, this surgery has become one of the most frequent procedures for surgical weight loss around the world. This is because it has a history of effectiveness for reducing weight. We perform it mostly as a laparoscopic (keyhole) procedure. In some circumstances we may need to perform it as an open procedure. The surgery is permanent, and importantly, irreversible. 

How does the sleeve gastrectomy procedure help you lose weight?

The sleeve gastrectomy aids patient weight loss in two ways. It restricts stomach volume. It also creates metabolic changes.

Your stomach can typically expand to accommodate around 1.5 litres of food or liquid. In gastric sleeve surgery, surgeons use a tissue stapling device to remove the “expansile” segment of the stomach. A sleeve shaped stomach remains. The ‘sleeved stomach’ has a greatly reduced ability to expand. A feeling of fullness is reached after only a very small quantity of food. The remaining volume of the new stomach is around 120-200 mL. This equates to about a cup of food or liquid.

gastric sleeve surgery or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss

Surgery also produces significant metabolic effects. This is in addition to the reduction in volume of the stomach. For example, your stomach produces a hormone called Ghrelin. When surgeons remove the portion of your stomach, your Ghrelin levels also significantly reduce. These hormonal changes result in a marked improvement in hunger control. They also result in better glucose (sugar) control and early feeling of fullness (satiety). This helps to promote the relatively rapid weight loss we see in the first 6 -12 months after surgery.


What are the risks of this bariatric procedure?

As with all surgical procedures, there are risks involved. There are risks associated with the surgery itself. There are also risks with the anaesthetic administered during the operation. Patient complications are uncommon, but they can have a significant impact. They can also prolong your recovery process.

How much does gastric sleeve surgery cost?

There is an out of pocket expense involved with this procedure. The costs of gastric sleeve surgery will vary depending on your level of private health insurance. Patient costs also depend on your individual weight loss management needs. Find out how much this procedure costs in your circumstances.  Make a time to speak confidentially with our bariatric surgeons.

Where can I have this procedure with Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast?

We perform sleeve gastrectomy at two Sunshine Coast hospital locations – Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital, Birtinya or Noosa Private Hospital. Our surgeons operate as a team with individual consulting locations. 

  • Dr Askew consults in Birtinya, Caboolture and Hervey Bay.
  • Dr McLeod consults in Tewantin, Maroochydore, Gympie, Hervey Bay and Mt Isa
  • and Dr Mackay consults in Maroochydore and Mt Isa.

This team approach to surgery means we can provide you with a high level of experience at every operation while at the same time, offering convenient locations for patient consultation and follow-up care. See our locations page for all our consulting clinics.

Want to Know More?

Find out how much the sleeve gastrectomy procedure costs, and whether it is right for you. Speak to a qualified bariatric surgeon.

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