ORBERA® non-surgical gastric balloon and weight loss program is a clinically proven approach to weight loss.

ORBERA® is a managed non-surgical weight loss program offered by Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast. The program consists of the non-surgical procedure of inserting an Intra Gastric Balloon and combines it with specialised dietary and exercise care.

Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast offers a comprehensive approach to managing weight, with an integrated team of weight loss health professionals. This means we can offer the ORBERA® program as a suitable option for people on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds who are looking for a non-surgical approach to weight loss.

Find out more about the ORBERA® gastric balloon medical procedure and program, and how it can help your weight loss goals:


What is ORBERA®?
The ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program is a medical procedure for weight loss that focuses on developing long-term, sustainable, healthy habits. The comprehensive, two-part program starts with a soft, intra-gastric balloon placed in your stomach for six months to encourage portion control. Our team of experts are here to support & help guide you through the process. The second part of the program is very important because it helps you maintain the weight loss. We will work with you to guide you through the process of developing a customised diet & exercise program and support you in making healthy lifestyle choices.

ORBERA® is a non-surgical, temporary device designed to boost your current weight loss efforts during the 12-month program. While it isn’t a permanent device, it allows you to learn portion control and develop healthy changes in your eating habits that can last well beyond the 6 month balloon placement.
Placement of the balloon generally takes around 20 minutes during which you will be lightly sedated. The deflated balloon is inserted into your stomach through your mouth, endoscopically. Immediately after the balloon is placed and filled with sterile salt water, you will regain complete awareness and remain in the clinic for observation until the doctor discharges you. The ORBERA® balloon is removed through the mouth in a similar manner, under the same supervised conditions.

Weight Loss with
Clinical evidence suggests an average of 10-15kg in 6 months, however this is dependent on the patients starting weight and how well they adapt to the lifestyle changes.
After 12 months with the ORBERA® two-part program, patients lost over 3 times the weight of diet and exercise alone.

How is ORBERA® performed?
The procedure is performed via gastroscopy under light sedation, in which the Orbera® balloon is inserted into your stomach via your mouth, and usually takes around 20 minutes. After 6 months, the intra-gastric balloon is removed and your support team will continue to guide you toward making healthy lifestyle choices.

Is ORBERA® proven?
It has been evaluated in over 230 global clinical studies with studies showing an average weight loss of 10-15kg in the 6-month time frame. There has been over 220,000 procedures performed worldwide across 20 years, and with ORBERA®, 70 to 80 percent of weight loss typically occurs during the first three months of treatment, so having a team of experts to help you overcome the challenges of retraining your appetite, adopt new nutritional habits, and establishing a reasonable exercise routine will be essential to meet your long-term weight loss goals.

How does Orbera® compare with diet & exercise, or other weight loss programs?
You can expect to lose 3.1x the weight with Orbera® than you would with diet and exercise alone. Many diet programs are difficult to maintain and you struggle with feeling hungry. With Orbera® you eat smaller meals, because the balloon takes up space in your stomach. You are able to control your eating, learn portion control and make healthy changes in your eating habits.

Am I a candidate for the ORBERA® gastric balloon and weight loss program?

ORBERA® is indicated for patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 and above. Patients have generally tried other weight loss programs such as supervised diets and exercise programs, and have been unable to lose weight, or to sustain long term weight loss.

Your suitability for the ORBERA® procedure can be determined by our doctors at Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast. A suitability consultation, and subsequent gastroscopy can be performed at either of our Sunshine Coast Hospital locations. Dr James Askew consults at Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital. Dr Garth McLeod consults at Noosa Private Hospital.

The soft balloon your doctor will place in your stomach will help you to maintain better portion control, and encourage weight loss. Your follow up care following the procedure is integrated to suit your individual needs.

Orbera is a gastric balloon for weight loss

Our team of specialist dieticians, exercise physiologists and psychologists will design an effective after care program following the procedure. This ensures you are maintaining adequate nutrition, and adopting new habits of mind towards healthy eating and exercise while the gastric balloon remains in your stomach.

At six months, the gastric balloon is removed. Your integrated team will support you to continue your new nutritional and exercise habits. This will help to cement long term weight loss following the procedure.

the benefits of the orbera gastric balloon and weight loss program

Would you like to find out more about the ORBERA® procedure, or know if you are a suitable candidate?

Make a time to discuss your weight loss options at either of our Sunshine Coast consulting rooms.

* weight loss varies from person to person

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