Any Exercise is Better Than None

Is it hard to find time in your day to exercise? If you are trying to fit in an hour at the gym every day and constantly coming up short, don’t let it dishearten you! Let me show you what’s so good about exercise – especially exercise after weight loss surgery, and just why those little moments of activity are never a waste of time.

Guest Post By Vanessa Coman, Exercise Physiologist, and Clinical Director at NewMe.

The Importance of An Exercise Routine

It is so important after bariatric surgery to develop an exercise routine. Sure, you may be losing weight anyway, but you should aim to build strength and muscle tone simultaneously. Getting stronger mentally and physically as you lose weight is so empowering. It is also just downright good for your body. So take some time to include exercise every day as part of your self-care and movement towards a healthier life.

For optimum health, everyone should aim for at least 30 minutes per day of exercise, and around 1 hour if you really need to shift the kilos. So how do you do that? Here are a couple of great tips to get you moving!


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Break it Up

If you don’t have 30 minutes in your day to exercise, try splitting it up into 10-minute segments instead. Everyone can find 10 minutes to spare some time during the day!

Studies are now starting to show that these multiple quick 10 minute sessions are just as good or even better that along 30-minute session for health benefits.

10-minute workout ideas you can adapt to your fitness level:

  • skipping rope
  • stairs
  • walk around the block
  • home mini-circuit (think squats, plank, lunges, and sit-ups)
  • dance workout
  • playing a game of soccer with your kids
  • short ride on bike

Some Days are Diamonds but it’s the Everyday that Counts

We understand that some days the likelihood of achieving your exercise goals varies. Sometimes you have 1 hour, sometimes you don’t. Rather than getting down on yourself for not achieving your 30 minutes or 1 hour per day, why not make a deal with yourself to do at least some exercise every day no matter what?

Sometimes I find this approach is much less daunting, and just getting into the habit of exercising every day is really beneficial. Who knows you may even find after a little while, you’re up to 1 hour each day and enjoying it!

Remember, if you have been inactive for a very long time, any exercise you do will have a positive impact on your fitness. So don’t get down on yourself, just commit to moving more, every day if you can, and you’ll be on your way to better health in no time.


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