What if more people understood the complexities of bariatric surgery? What if more people felt supported in their weight loss and not ashamed?

Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast are a group of bariatric surgeons with independent practices, who come together with a common goal to make a positive difference to the health outcomes of our obese community across Queensland. Bariatric surgery is not a simple choice, and it is far from the easy way out. Individuals who choose the bariatric journey require long-term support and to be empowered with the tools to make permanent change. We come together to uphold this philosophy, and help educate patients and the wider community about what it takes to embrace a healthier, longer life.

When and if you're ready to choose surgery, we offer you the option to talk more about this approach with Dr McLeod, Dr Askew or Dr Mackay. Each individual surgeon runs his own practice, with a comprehensive range of weight loss surgical options, and independent allied health and administrative support teams.
dr garth mcleod
dr benedict mackay

Who we are

Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast was founded in 2014 by general and bariatric surgeons Dr James Askew and Dr Garth McLeod. Having worked in high-volume multi-disciplinary practices in both Brisbane and overseas, we were inspired to bring this approach to the Sunshine Coast. In 2019, we were joined by our colleague upper GI and bariatric surgeon Dr Benedict Mackay. Today, patients across the Sunshine Coast and Regional Queensland can access our independent surgical practices. Practices founded upon a commitment to surgical excellence, underpinned by the Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast approach to comprehensive patient care.

What we believe

  • Everyone deserves a healthy long life.
  • Bariatric surgery is not a vanity decision, but a health choice. A choice which can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases that can shorten life expectancy, and impact on quality of life.
  • Obesity is a complex disease, which requires a comprehensive approach to overcome. The best long-term outcomes are achieved by utilising the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Bariatric patients require our long-term commitment to supporting their health goals, long after surgery is over.

What brings us together?

Prioritising excellence in surgery

We share a dedication to excellent surgical practice. All three surgeons were trained in high-volume bariatric centres, offering a wide range of procedures to a high number of patients based on individual suitability. This experience is what we have built our individual practices upon, and is the benchmark on which we unite. We offer each other collaboration, expertise and support as and where needed for the benefit of our patients. Bariatrics is a dynamic specialty and we also share a commitment to continually updating our knowledge and skills. We regularly attend conferences, meetings and live surgeries both nationally and internationally (when travel permits). We pride ourselves on staying current.

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Improving patient outcomes

We come together to advocate for the growing evidence that surgery is not a ‘magic bullet.’ To improve patient outcomes, we must offer long-term, life changing support. Experience also shows us that weight loss solutions which encompass multi-disciplinary pathways produce the best long term results for bariatric patients. It’s about your surgeon working with a team of health professionals in psychology, dietetics, exercise and general practice to help you make those important changes, for good. Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast pioneered this philosophy on the Sunshine Coast in 2014. We are now seeing this approach emerge as the expected way to improve bariatric patient outcomes.


Obesity and bariatric surgery education

Obesity and weight loss surgery are complex, and it is natural for patients to seek education and advice. There are many sources of ‘advice’ available, some of which may not be evidence-based nor safe. We aim to support you with the right information for making important decisions about your health, both before and after your surgery. Providing resources to meet you where you are, and help you achieve your weight loss goals safely and sensibly. We also understand it’s not just our patients who need education, but the wider community. Surgeons regularly hold education sessions (including for other medical practitioners) about the health risks of obesity as well as the complexities of the bariatric journey.

Want to know more about individual surgeons and their practices?

See more about Dr James Askew, Dr Garth McLeod and Dr Benedict Mackay.