A passionate team dedicated to your long-term wellness

At Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast, we believe in giving you every opportunity for a healthier, longer life.

Our bariatric surgery centres take a modern, team approach to treating obesity, one patient at a time.

Whilst we have our own individual practices on the Sunshine Coast, we work as a team in surgery, obesity education and follow-up care. Dr James Askew, Dr Garth McLeod and Benedict Mackay run full-time consulting clinics in Birtinya, Noosa and Maroochydore respectively, performing operations from the Sunshine Coast University Private, Noosa Private and Buderim Private Hospitals. In addition, they also run monthly clinic consults across Regional Queensland. Our programs include surgical, dietitian and psychological support to help you achieve your goals.

Our surgeons come together because of our shared philosophies and commitment to optimal patient outcomes across the Sunshine Coast, and wider Queensland.

We believe

  • Everyone deserves a healthy long life.
  • Obesity is a complex disease, which requires a comprehensive approach to overcome.
  • Bariatric surgery is not a vanity decision, but a health choice which can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases which can shorten life expectancy, and impact on quality of life.
  • The best long-term outcomes are achieved by utilising the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team.

Our goals are to

  • Educate the community (including other medical practitioners) about the health risks of obesity
  • Provide a dedicated team approach to bariatric surgery and aftercare
  • Help you to achieve your weight loss goals
  • Maintain current up-to-date surgical practice

What is our approach?

Prioritising excellence in surgery

We use the most up-to-date techniques in surgery, for the best outcomes for you. It’s important to us that we are experienced in all procedures and our surgeons were trained in high-volume bariatric centres. Surgeons perform all forms of weight loss surgery, including revisional procedures. Some of the surgical options include sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve), gastric bypass, gastric band as well as the non-surgical Orbera Intra-gastric balloon. With all these procedures available to you, we tailor our surgical approach to your unique situation. Bariatrics is a dynamic specialty which is constantly changing. We are continually updating our knowledge and skills and regularly attend conferences, meetings and live surgeries both nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves on staying current.

High level surgical care

It is natural to want every opportunity for a safe and successful surgery. Whilst our surgeons are based at different hospitals and are experienced surgeons in their own right, they take a team approach to your care. This helps to reinforce the surgical excellence we strive for.

We make ourselves available 24 hours a day, seven days a week after your operation. There is always a surgeon available should you need it for back-up care around the clock.

Support for a lifetime of wellness

Bariatric surgery is a tool which starts with a successful surgery but doesn’t end there. Its effectiveness at providing lasting wellness is enhanced when combined with lifestyle changes. Your surgery should be supported by experts in diet, exercise and psychology. We work alongside a range of exceptional Sunshine Coast allied health professionals at our respective clinics who specialise in obesity. All specialists work together to support your health. We believe this modern team approach gives you the best possible chance of positive long-term outcomes following bariatric surgery.

What can we do for you?

Advanced Surgical Techniques

  • Striving for surgical excellence with a team approach.
  • Performing all forms of weight loss surgery and tailoring our surgical approach to your specific needs.

Expert After-Surgery Support

  • 24/7 access to your surgeon.
  • Team of specialists to fine tune your weight loss and greatly enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Clear and Honest Communication

  • Remaining upfront and honest with you about your options.
  • Your long-term wellness is always our first priority.

Various Locations Sunshine Coast and surrounds

  • Consulting at Birtinya, Tewantin, Maroochydore and Gympie, with clinics also in regional Queensland. 
  • Operating at Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital, Noosa Private Hospital and Buderim Private Hospital

Meet our surgeons

Dr James Askew, Dr Garth McLeod and Dr Benedict Mackay operate at Sunshine Coast hospitals and also live on the Sunshine Coast.  Individually, they run consulting clinics at various locations across the Sunshine Coast and Regional Queensland. 

dr james askew birtinya weight loss surgeon

Dr James Askew

dr garth mcleod

Dr Garth McLeod

dr benedict mackay

Dr Benedict Mackay

Find out more about our surgeons, their clinic locations, and how they can help you.

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