7 Best Christmas Gifts for Weight Loss Surgery

Has a special someone in your life just had weight loss surgery? You may be looking for a way to give a unique Christmas gift which supports them in their journey to great health. But what to get them? Here are 7 ideas for gifts which complement a weight loss surgery journey.

1. Portion control plate

A portion plate is more than just telling someone who has just had surgery how much they can eat. It is about helping to reinforce the balanced diet which is so necessary. A portion plate helps to shape the type of meals your loved one eats, by showing the correct portions of protein, vegetables and fibre at each meal. This is handy for someone who has recently had surgery. Bear in mind that nutritional requirements may differ with surgery types. We love this portion plate from Portion Perfection available in Queensland and optimised for a gastric sleeve patient.

2. Bariatric recipe book

The unique needs of the bariatric patient mean that most ‘normal’ recipes must be modified to suit. The bariatric patient can no longer eat a large amount of food and must make protein a priority. Therefore, meals should as often as possible be small, high protein and highly nutritious. New bariatric recipes are most times very welcome. Try the book Return to Slender by Bariatric Cookery’s Carol Bowen Ball or The Gastric Sleeve Cookbook by Sarah Kent, available in most bookstores in Australia.

3. Active wear

One of the crucial factors to success for the bariatric patient is to maintain an exercise regime. This ensures there is less muscle loss while losing weight. Unfortunately, it has been difficult in the past to find stylish and comfortable activewear in larger sizes. Thankfully, more manufacturers are realising the growing need for plus sizes and are designing activewear in larger sizes. This is great news for bariatric patients who can feel comfortable and excited about the new exercise regime they are entering. We love Active Truth, who are a Queensland company offering up to size 26.

4. Weights

Maintaining and building muscle is crucial for the weight loss surgery patient. More muscle encourages a faster metabolic output and burns more calories. Weight bearing exercise also helps to promote joint stability and bone strength and tone and firm the body. Hand weights are wonderful to use on walks or a set of dumb bells are a great way to support a gym program.

5. Fitness tracker

Weight loss surgery fitness and health is all about focusing on short term goals continuously for eventual long-term success. Being able to measure and record improvements in heart rate, distance, calories burnt and improvements in sleep can help to keep motivation levels high. Celebrating small changes can be one of the best ways to see significant transformations long term.

6. Music voucher

Walking is great exercise after surgery, and your loved one may appreciate having a soundtrack to get them in the mood for fitness. Giving them something like an Itunes or Spotify voucher is a lovely thought. Our top 10 motivating tracks for smashing those fitness goals?

  1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
  2. Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys
  3. Run The World – Beyonce
  4. Harder Better Faster Stronger – Daft Punk
  5. Lose Yourself – Eminem
  6. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough – Michael Jackson
  7. Happy – Pherrel Williams
  8. Diamonds – Rhianna
  9. Won’t Back Down – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  10. Beautiful Day – U2

7. Fancy water bottle 

Hydration is crucial for everyone, but it can take a bit to get right after weight loss surgery. The restricted stomach size means water can no longer be gulped down in one hit! Water is therefore a constant priority, so anything related to hydration is going to be a great prezzie for your loved one. A fancy bottle with a hydration counter, or stainless ‘keep cool’ bottle is a great gift. Some people also struggle with the taste of plain water, and if your loved one is one of those people, they might like a tea infuser for iced tea or a glass jug for flavouring water with fruit. For adding fruit, stainless steel or glass is best.

It’s the thought that reallly counts

These gift ideas are intended for general advice only. It is important to note, that every patient is different and what is a great recommendation for one person may not suit another. You may need to do a little digging, or be prepared to swap out a gift if it’s not quite right.

What is the bigger gift you are giving? Your support. We thank you for thinking of ways to support your loved one as they take this journey. Post weight loss surgery it is really important to remain focused on mindset and lifestyle changes, and the support of others is a huge piece to this puzzle.

A little something in their Christmas stocking might be just the way to show your encouragement!



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