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Your surgical care integrates with our dietitian, psychologist and exercise physiologist.

How can Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast help you?

Have you been dieting all your life without success? We get your frustration. Obesity is complex, and there are often many factors involved in providing successful and lasting weight loss. Weight Loss Solutions Sunshine Coast (WLSSC) are a group of experienced Sunshine Coast surgeons who share a modern approach to bariatric surgery. We recognise that obesity is a chronic disease, and that being overweight for most people is often a lifetime struggle. We believe a comprehensive approach supports long term results and a healthy long life. Excellence in weight loss surgery is only the start of your journey. The support you receive along the way is fundamental to providing those lasting results.

Dedicated, personalised care.

We want to set you up for a lifetime of wellness. To provide you with the highest level of care, our bariatric surgeons have their our own consulting suites and dedicated team members. Dr Garth McLeod and his team are based at  Tewantin, with additional clinics in Gympie, and Maroochydore. Dr James Askew and his team are located at Birtinya with a satellite clinic in Caboolture. Dr Benedict Mackay and his team are located in Maroochydore.

Our surgeons also offer regional clinics across Queensland.

You deserve a lifetime of wellness

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